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Kobold Names

Kobolds are a small race with big imaginations. Between 2.5-3.5 feet tall, Kobolds have ratlike tails, small horns, rough skin, and a pronounced snout. Their voices sound like barks or yips. Given all that it’s a point of debate where they arose from. The Kobold religion says that they’re descendants of Gnolls who crossbred with dragons. The Gnolls find this theory hilarious. The other popular theories are they’re some weird mongrel rat-dog-lizard species or a race that experimented with one too many shapechanging spells. Certainly some of their magic has infused their bodies over the centuries.

Kobold culture in Ikari values creativity and discovery. Their underground cities were a hodgepodge of jumbled clockwork and magic. Many of these were defensive in nature, making the Kobold cities the last to fall before the Outsiders. They still have an aesthetic of utility being beautiful, and their ornamentation on buildings and clothing alike often hides extra functionality.

Kobold society consists of Guilds that focus on fulfilling one of society's needs; farming, fishing, transportation, sanitation, etc. Representatives from the guilds meet to determine the overall politics for the group as a whole. Generally there is a guild devoted to hatching and raising Kobold children, and they explore society as a whole, requesting entry to a particular guild when they reach adulthood. With their society on the margins, it happens rarely, but stories of Guild Wars are the stuff of legend. These stories led to a tradition of Kobolds honing the tools of their guild into weapons that can be more effective than traditional arms.

Kobolds have fared the worst of all the Family races. They lived almost entirely in their underground cities, which have all been conquered or destroyed. The few survivors have retreated to the deserts on the far side of the mountain and formed small towns.

Tips for playing a Kobold:

Start by picking your guild. You weren’t necessarily a guild artisan, but all playable Kobolds in this setting’s culture join a guild as part of growing up and it gives them a strong sense of identity.  Let that frame your outlook on how you view life, with the guideline that you want to discover how things around you work and find ways to improve them. This is especially true with things that relate to your specific guild background. You’re curious in a ‘what-does-this-button-do’ kind of way, but you’re not necessarily a single-minded fanatic when you get going (play a goblin for that) so you can be careful if you’re that type of a Kobold.

Kobold Stats:

Intelligence: +2  

Small Humanoid (Kobold)

Darkvision: 60 ft.

Guilder Militant: You gain proficiency with the Artisan Tools of your choice. During a long rest, you may modify an Artisan Tool you have proficiency with. Treat it as an improvised weapon you have proficiency with. Add your intelligence modifier to the damage to represent the cleverness of your modification.

Crafter’s Touch: You may craft/repair items twice as quickly as normal and you can use improvised parts and tools as long as they are remotely applicable.

Arcane Inheritance: You know the Mending cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the Identify spell once per long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can also cast the Locate Object spell once per long rest. You do not require material components for any of these. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Nurture over Nature: Instead of taking  the normal +1 to any ability score as normal, at character creation you may instead pick one feat.


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